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Mach Ten is taking a new approach to computer support. Rather than waiting for you to discover problems, we’re becoming proactive to find small problems before they become big issues – saving you hours of downtime and frustration.

Key Benefits:

Specific, informative alerts show us the exact nature of the problem.  So we can fix it faster.

We are often notified of problems before you even know you have one.  Up-time is maximized.

Alerts are routed directly to a technician.

Alerts for mission critical systems are sent to us 24/7, day or night.

We can remotely connect to a system and often repair software issues without an on-site service call*

You receive a daily, weekly and/or monthly (servers) report by email of all of the checks that were performed and what, if any problems were found.

Starting at just $15.95 for workstations and $29.95 for servers.
Managed Anti virus/mal-ware.
24/7 system monitoring.
Daily system checks.
Remote desktop connection.